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Forging a Culture of Safety


By John M. Malecky November, 2021

Forging a Culture of Safety
By Anthony Avillo

Available from:
FSP Books & Videos
433 Main Street
Hudson, MA 01749-1330

Price: $95.00 (DVD)

This is a classroom presentation given by a 28-year veteran of the fire service at the time, who is now retired. He was a deputy chief at the time of an urban fire department that covered five municipalities in Hudson County, New Jersey, the smallest but most congested county in the state and possibly the country. The class is made up of firefighters from the Heartland. Although these two jurisdictions are not identical in fire load, demographics and hazards, etc., the knowledge presented is common and that is safety and discipline on and off the fireground. The goal is to accomplish the mission with effective strategies while keeping firefighters safe from injury and death.

The disk is 115 minutes in length, but I can assure you that unless you are fatigued when you view it, you will not fall asleep. The content is presented in a down to earth manner supported by photos, videos and tables of statistics. The photos are both on the fire ground as well as pre-fire assessments of structures and what hazards they can present. Personal safety is stressed and examples are shown on how firefighters become their own enemies by lack of discipline and laziness, as well as perhaps by a lack of training. Self discipline is the primary requirement for officers to effectively lead their crews and work in unison with other responding companies. It starts at the station with rules and regulations being stressed. As a firefighter serves his or her time in their career, knowledge of the job and the types of construction in their jurisdiction benefits them to live to retire.

This is a presentation that is highly recommended.

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