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By John M. Malecky September, 2019

In the classroom
Transportation Series
Cerebellum Corporation

Available from:
FSP Books & Videos
188 Central Street #4
Hudson, MA 01749-1330

Price: $39.95 (DVD)

This DVD is approximately 60 minutes in length about training to respond to many different types of rescue calls. It's listed as high school grade level, but I believe it would apply to all ages.

The Daily Planet is a series that provides discussion and commentary on scientific aspects of current events. This series, Rescue Vehicles, is not a parade of fancy rescue trucks. These are actually boats, helicopters, motor vehicles, ski equipment and even animals such as avalanche dogs. Dogs play a huge part in rescue. This DVD will point that out, showing experimental equipment such as dog cams fitted on the tops of goggles for the animal to wear.

There are a number of exercises shown, such as search and rescue in a school flattened by a tornado, white water rescue utilizing an RDC (rapid deployment craft), which is an interesting design, ski patrol rescues such as with chair lifts during a power outage, collapse rescues and testing life rafts in the open sea.

There is a true story of a horse seriously injuring a trainer and how the air paramedics worked to save his life. There is also a case of a missing autistic person who was wearing a transmitter of a radio telemetry device on a wristband which can help keep tabs on handicapped people. Most of these events take place in Canada and some are with the Heavy Urban Search and Rescue (HUSAR), which is similar to our USAR in the United States.

This is a very interesting training series which is very lifelike.

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