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Structure Fires 2107


By John M. Malecky September, 2018

Structure Fires 2017
By Alan Simmons Productions

Available from:
FSP Books & Videos
188 Central Street, Suite #4
Hudson, MA 01749-1330

Price: $12.95 (DVD)

This is a 44 minute program covering two fires in the City of Los Angeles and one in Burbank, California. The first is a Greater Alarm Fire in Sun Valley which involved a one-story commercial structure occupied by the Universal Iron Door Company. There is heavy fire inside challenging handlines. These outside lines attempt to gain advancement supported by a ladder pipe. The fire makes it through the roof and is eventually knocked down. Crews are then seen mopping up during final extinguishment. There is a nice mixture of different brands of apparatus which responded.

The second fire is a residential structure fire in the Highland Park section. It is a frame building with fire through the roof. The building is partly obscured by trees on the property. Outside handlines operate here also. It appears that they still use wooden truss ground ladders, no doubt in an attempt to avoid electrical hazards.

The Burbank fire is a second-alarm that involves a private house. Size up is difficult because the house appears to be one-and-a-half stories, but it is attached to another similar type structure which is two stories. I could not determine if this was two attached buildings to one large building, but either way the fire communicates to both.

White smoke is showing when the camera gets there and flame eventually shows through the roof, particularly after the “truckies” ventilate with saws and hooks, and later worsens. Handlines are then stretched to the roof and operated on the flames. Apparently crews could not make the ground floor entry, as it was too far for them to revert to this tactic.

It certainly appears to be a stubborn, intense fire. At one point it seems that there are more firefighters on the roof than on the ground! It gave the firefighters "a run for their money", and I could sympathize with their frustrations!

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