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Canadian Rail Locomotive vs Bus

Published on Sep 12, 2015
Permission for upload and publishing by Le4dfoot for Fire fighter training purpose.
This is dash cam video of locomotive vs Bus on September 11, 2015 in Langley, British Columbia.

14:22 Easter Time 216 Street and Glover Road, Langley British Columbia
In short the Bus (ambulance) was caught on the tracks while transporting a critical PT (85 year old) to the hospital when the crossing arms came down trapping the vehicle as the train was approaching. The driver tried to inch the bus forward off the track in an attempt to avoid disaster as the Conductor signal the approaching train and impending collision. Upon contact with the bus rear passenger side it spun around and causing the train to strike the bus a second time at the front driver side.

3 were transported to the local hospital 2 by bird with the most serious injuries and 1 by ground. The PT being transported later went to God per RCMP. The driver of the bus also sustained a back injury.
Canadian TSB (Transportation Safety Board) and CNR (Canadian National Rail) are investigating this incident.
Raw video:

All (c) Le4dfoot 5:05 PM Go ahead use it , Thanks for asking.
If it is just for a training video. I don't need any credit.

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