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Multiple Eucalyptus Trees Topple Structures in San Diego

This article is a direct street report from our correspondent and has not been edited by the 1st Responder newsroom.

San Diego Fire-Rescue Department responded to a structure collapse in the 10200 block of Caminito Covewood in the Scripps Ranch community of San Diego. There were initial reports of people trapped in the houses. Upon arrival, crews discovered two eucalyptus trees fell over some houses with a few other trees possibly about to fall over. Tow people in one of the houses were able to get out uninjured. A third person was not injured but was just unable to get out of her house as one of the trees fell in front of the door. Fire crews were able to get this person out of their house. An arborist was called to take a look at the other trees. A parked vehicle also sustained damage from one of the trees. Tree trimming crews were also called out to the scene to cut up the fallen trees. They also cut a few other trees that were leaning. Responding units were Engines 42, 44, 37,2, USAR 41, Truck 44, Battalions 3 and 7.

Due to high winds, there were multiple calls regarding downed trees in the San Diego area. There was a wind gust of 86 MPH in the east part of the County. The Santa Ana winds subsided later in the evening.

Some of the residents said they are also debating whether or not they are going to move out of the complex.

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