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Turnout Second Alarm; Awaited Sequel to Turnout-A Firefighter's Story



By John M. Malecky                                                             August, 2024


Turnout-Second Alarm

Awaited Sequel to Turnout-A Firefighter’s Story


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This book is soft cover measuring 8 ¼ inches by 5 ½ inches and has 251 pages.  It is a sequel to a book that was not reviewed in this column, nor was I aware of it.  It is a compilation of true stories from a 30 year Baltimore City firefighter/paramedic , now retired.  The author has a colorful bio both during and after retirement.  It is in memory of Donald W. Hubbel, captain of Rescue 1who died in the line of duty February 8, 2008.  After the forw3ard and before the epilogue are 11 chapters of different topics with stories grouped together that are related ti them.  The book is a fast moving one, of small and large fires, accidents, and paramedic calls many with heart breaking results.  It could bring a tear to your eyes reading about some of these events.  Other chapters deal with housework, firehouse chefs, non-firefighters who hang out at stations and help out when firefighters need them and families of some of these firefighters.  Like to book about The Bronx previously reviewed, this book is similar except that it is Baltimore but it attests to one this.  No matter where you work being a firefighter is a common breed sworn to save the lives of others!  Female firefighters also play an important part of this book.  The last chapter is devoted to some firefighter who lost their lives while on duty.  This is a book that should he read not only to let the reader appreciate what fire and EMS services face and have to experience but to realize how easy life can be taken at any age.















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