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  Subject: Like Cigars?
Post By: cigarguy

On: 3/25/2009
Hello, my name is Ryan and I work for Since the start of our company in 2007 we have been blessed through our many personal relationships with Firefighters/EMS, Police officers and Military personnel. As such, we wanted to give something back, and let you know the specials that we offer to those of you who have dedicated their lives to providing a safer America.
Our current specials for emergency responders are as follows…

1) Purchase any box/bundle of cigars and receive a FREE 5-pack of premium cigars.
2) If you join our Cigar of the Month Club we will include a FREE torch lighter with your 1st months order.
Simply type the word “RESCUE” in the comment section of the checkout page and we will include the free items with your order.

Once again, thank you for keeping our families safe!!!
Your fans at

Please note: To avoid misuse of this offer we do not publicly post it on our web site. If you have any questions feel free to e-mail us at
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