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  1st Responder Network >>  Paramedic's and EMT's Forum >>  What ambulance manufacturer would you reccomend?
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  Subject: What ambulance manufacturer would you reccomend?
Post By: ccesena

On: 8/23/2005

We are currently in the market to purchase a new type III and we are looking at the Lifeline, MedTec and Road Rescue. We own a RR International and it has had some huge problems it will not go into gear it iddles at a very high rpm and it is a very bumpy ride. We also own an AEV which has been a better vehicle, but it rides rough and we dont realy care to go for another one. I hear alot of bad things from Wheeled Coach, but I think LA City is buying 250 units. We are looking at MedTec, what do you think?

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Post By: PACHIEF536

On: 9/27/2005
My dept. is a small Volly Unit in Pa that runs approx. 500-600 calls a year. We just recently signed for a new Horton Type II. Previous to this, we have ran the same unit, a 1996 Horton Type II to every call for the past 9 years. We have never experienced any MAJOR problems with the unit and if anything ever needed to be fixed, the company was excellent. This unit will still be in service as 2nd due to the new unit for probably the next 4yrs. Excellent peice, would never think about buying another type of ambulance.
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Post By: fireman649

On: 2/10/2006

In our dept. we use American Lafrances on Friehtliner chassis. We Love them. Very little problems
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Post By: WVEMT

On: 2/13/2006
i think medtech is the best to use
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Post By: gatoremt

On: 7/23/2006
I would say Excellance is the best box I have ever been in Hands down. I have seen them hold up over several years. I have even seen a box hold up after a head on crash and the ambulnce flipping over. It was referbished and remounted and is still in services.
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Post By: 2wheelinemt

On: 7/23/2009
i agree with the horton. i know that wasnt one of your suggestions at first but we had a horton for over 15yrs and ran every call and never had a problem. we use to use brauns but after we experienced that horton we never looked back. what a great rig and great co with a great bunch of workers that coud not do enough to make our budget work with what we needed.
good luck and im sure you'll get a bunch of what people use and think is great
as a person that has been involved in pricing and working with the diff co to get what was best for our dept all i can tell you is do your research before you go to the diff co. know what you want, what you can afford,see if you cant get a grant for your new rig.
but if you are going to have it for a while look into the future and what your needs may be 5 years from now. good luck and dont buy for just today!
ive found that knowing what you want the general pricing and how maybe the future will look for your co. no of calls/size of the buidling vs the size of some of the rigs etc,
good luck with what ever you choose,
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