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  1st Responder Network >>  Paramedic's and EMT's Forum >>  EMS RESCUE
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  Subject: EMS RESCUE
Post By: ikillmyfrien

On: 9/16/2004
Generally in my area, FD covers the rescue aspect of most calls, though in certain area's they have EMS rescue. I was thinking about taking time out to get my rescue certifcation but was wondering if it was really worth the time being its a 3 month CEU course. Are there many areas in the US where EMS is allowed to handle rescue calls?
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Post By: shipemtff522

On: 10/9/2004
As an Firefighter/EMT, there is nothing better than a well rounded Emergency Personel. When you are ont he scene of a wreck, you need to have an understanding of what the fire dept is doing while you are giving treatment to a pt, especialy if you are in the car. I have Vehicle rescue tech, one for the fire dept, and secondly, the ambulance, 9 times out of ten will beat the fire dept to the scene, if the fire dept is volunteer, you need to be able to keep your scene safe, some factors cant be stabilized until the fire dept arrives, but having the rexcue class will give you that basic understanding of what to look for.
I know of EMS squads in northern NJ that run the rescue comapny, one in perticular is Verona NJ Rescue Squad. I also know that City of pitsburg works the same way, ems does resuce.
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Post By: firemanskits

On: 10/16/2004
so dose south nj we run ems and they are are fire squide. i am hoping to become a payed fire fighter in cherry hill and say as a vol. in glendora i like ever one here at my station i just need to pass emt and firefighter 1 and all the other class. i really badly won to become firefighter i had a bad chaild hood and i hope to make it better not just for me but the family that i am helping at the time. i am not good in spelling and reading and thats the thing i think i well have the most problems when i go take the tests that i need to take to become a firefighter. but a and goin to give 2000% on trying to pass it and become a firefighter i am 21 years old this is what i wont to do with my life. save lives i don't care if i am ems,emt,firefighter i well do my job to help out as much as i can. thanx u guys
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Post By: 2wheelinemt

On: 7/23/2009
it does not matter weather you are good at reading and writing or spelling. it is a matter of knowing what you are doing out on the street. i was with a fire based ems squad in s nj and we shared the rescue. i have taken extrication I.II and bus and now they have hybrid etc classes. i am now with a ems squad that does its own rescue. so yes emt's and ems squads do extrication. as stated prior it is a matter of being a well rounded emt. knowing what you are doing and what the fire dept is doing if your co does not do extrication. stab the veh, if the pt is entrapped and the amb arrives first what to do and what not to do with the pt and/or
the veh so the pt / or yourself does not get hurt.
being a very well informed emt can only help you with treatment of your pt if involved in an mvc w/entrapment.
so take all the classes that you can and never stop be willing
to learn
good luck and stay informed and reading the diff stories from the diff websites such as these. people are always willing to help.
stay updated!!
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