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  Subject: Chaplain Roger Gnann
Post By: Roger54

On: 4/17/2009
On September 11, of this year our family incorporated FRRO. As an organization we intend to earn monies to fill in the gap that lower tax digests are creating over the next few years. Our intent is to be a non-profit fund that would be administered by the different branches of what we call The Rescue. We define the rescue as Fire, Police and Medical Professionals. Our concern is that the political budget has too many concerns to effectively provide all the equipment that is needed to grant the greatest degree of safety for our trained professionals in the best of times. Now that times are not so good it is imperative that someone do something. Rather than fight for a shrinking dollar to be spent the way we think it should we plan to create an expanding dollar to be spent the way the professionals we depend on decide it should be.

The corporation will be run from a message board at that will allow for decisions to be made without everyone meeting at a particular location. It is our hope we can serve the rescue force half as well as they serve us. We do need police and fire participation to tell us what their needs are and run the portion of the project they feel comfortable with.

As Chaplain it is my duty to create a fund that will be there for the rescue when their immediate family or they are suffering. The benefits we will provide are not insurance and do not require fees to be paid. All registered first responders are eligible. Complete information on this and our other projects are on our website at
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