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  1st Responder Network >>  Frequently Asked Questions >>  What are the Requirements for photo submissions?
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  Subject: What are the Requirements for photo submissions?
Post By: BLukaszewicz

On: 1/10/2004
Photo submissions should follow these basic guidelines. Please be sure that the width is set to 6.25 inches and verticals are set to 4.25 inches and the final resolution is set for at least 200 dpi in (.jpg) JPEG format.

Please don't forget to provide the necessary information to go along with your submission. When you enter your story it is best to write it in a word processor so you can spell and grammar check it. Which by the way, makes the editor very happy. Then cut and paste your information into the form.
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Post By: Chief51

On: 2/7/2004
Hi I have a quick question? When you submit a picture, or an article on your web page does it make it to the Paper itself? Thanks for you time
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Post By: Adam

On: 3/1/2007
Im sure this question is long answered but i just started browsing around the forums recently.

Not every photo/story submitted makes it. I just began submitting at least 1 story every other day, and i'd say well, if i submit 20 stories, i'd say about 2-4 will make it to print, depending on what they are...

i began picking up my photography early february, 2 stories made it to print, because i missed most of the deadline. One was a good fire my town had, and another was a weird rescue call... now i submit a LOT of mva's and i doubt most of those will make it to print, maybe 1-2 since they had pretty banged up vehicles...

it really depends on the material. A good story with good phtoos will take presidence over a minimal-detailed story or a story with not-so-good photos.

Take a look at your story, think "would this be something i want to send to my friends IF i didn't write the story" if you answer yes and its something you just hafta show others, including those not in the fire service, then that might be a good story.
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