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  Subject: LA Firefighters Needed!!!!
Post By: Code3D

On: 8/30/2007
Hi -
I am hoping that someone on this forum may be interested in a really unique opportunity for LA firefighters or have some good suggestions as to who may be interested. This is something that would benefit the local community and emergency response as a whole.

We are looking for volunteers to be a part of a very exciting upcoming event showcasing the Future of Security and specifically the future of Emergency Response Training through Wired magazine’s NextFest at the LA Convention Center Sept 13th.

What we are in need of is Firefighters or other Emergency Responders who would be willing to volunteer their time to run through “Live Virtual Drills” during the event. This is the only way to realistically show how the training technology works, if we use actors then it will not be authentic – we need true emergency responders.

This is not an event that endorses us as a company or our products and it is not a tradeshow where things are for sale – you will simply be a part of showcasing what is state of the art in training today. Wired Magazine is boasting this year's show as a group of "technologies that are changing our world."

This effort would require three or four individuals at one time. Ideally someone to play the role of incident commander and two to three others to walk through the virtual world and communicate via radio as they would in a real-world event.

We are prepared to offer our volunteer’s department's or organizations a free license of our Code3D Instructor Version. They will also have access to over 500 national and international press who are registered to attend the event. They will be able to reinforce their organizations focus on training and preparedness, enhancing their reputation as an organization dedicated to using cutting edge technology to improve your effectiveness, reduce costs and improve overall safety.

If you think their may be people within your organization or others that you know who would want to be the first emergency response organization in the country to try the Code3D Team Trainer, or if you have contacts, suggestions, recommendations – please call or email me about this opportunity.

Thank you very much,

Sim Ops Studios
10 Bedford Square, Suite 300
Pittsburgh, PA 15203
P: 412 904-5097
F: 302 372-1415

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