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In the Line of Duty
Jeffrey J. Billingsley, 42 - Denver, Colorado
Joshua Dylan Megill, 21 - Colerain, North Carolina
Jeffrey C. Hager, 46 - Huntersville, North Carolina
Jon Delvalle, 63 - Garden Valley, Idaho
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Cedar Bluff, AL: Online Auction #572-98, ending 0
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  Subject: New Content Notifications
Post By: ssims

On: 4/23/2008
When I first signed up I was asked if I wanted to be notified of new content, and if so, what sections I'd like to be notified for. I'm trying to change my selections for that, but I can't seem to find where to do that. Perhaps I'm just overlooking it. Can someone please tell me where to go? I'm talking about the e-mails similar to this:

Subject: New Feature is posted
A new Feature of type 'Buddy Shots' is posted check it out at

1st Responder Newspaper
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Post By: ssims

On: 4/25/2008
Wow, two days and no response. I even e-mailed the Website Administrator from the Contact page. Is it really that hard to do what I'm asking?
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