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  Subject: Is the grass greener on your side of the fence
Post By: Dfarmer

On: 1/11/2009
always promise raises and better benifits but always seem to fall short.
thats what our city does. matter of fact every time we are supposed to get a raise they always find some way to not give us a full 5%. they will give us a raise then either up insurance preminums and deductables or tell us we are getting 5% and only get maybe 3%. we are so far behing on pay raises if would take a person 100 years just to top out. Also our city leaders want to up retirement age to 60 for all city employees.
they arent offering much insentave to stay and not much for new hires to consider coming on. well i guess at least i got a job but dont know how much longer i will stay. the grass looks like its dieing on this side of the fence and dont know how much greener it is on the other side. so i guess i will eat all the grass i can as long as i can until ive had enough of this old dry grass.
i pray that our city leaders will begin to change the way they treat their city employees and begin to honor their promises.
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