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Surprised-looking Pumpkin Wins First Orange Pumpkin Blaze

By DOUG FENICHEL, Correspondent | November 16, 2020 | CONNECTICUT

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ORANGE, Conn. – A surprised, one-eyed pumpkin won the People’s Choice Award at the Orange Volunteer Fire Department’s first pumpkin-carving contest.

Adria Boyle won the top prize. She carved the face into the surface of the pumpkin. And just to make it just a little more Halloween-scary, the missing eye – a chunk of stringy pumpkin – sits on the bench in front of the winning gourd.

Other winners included:
• Brynn Panapada, Happiest pumpkin
• Kate Panapada, Cutest pumpkin
• Chloe Clemens, Prettiest pumpkin
• Helene Flynn, Best traditional pumpkin
• Silas Hill, Most hungry pumpkin
• Kaury and Ian Kucera, Most intricate pumpkin
• Zoe Kucera, Most adorable pumpkin
• Melissa Parniawski, Spookiest pumpkin
• Orange Children’s Dentistry, Most unusual pumpkin
• Mia Quoka, Most athletic pumpkin
• Greyson Fatone, Most team spirited pumpkin

Winners received a certificate…and had fun.

“We created this contest to give people a little extra fun during a Halloween season during which the nouveau coronoavirus prevented a lot of traditional activities,” said Rob Panapada, the Orange firefighter who created and coordinated the program. “All the participants said they had a good time. We hope the Orange Pumpkin Blaze will become a new Orange tradition.”

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