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Fire Department Officer Obtains International Designation

By JOEL GORDON, Correspondent | November 05, 2020 | FLORIDA

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Plantation, FL: November 3, 2020: Dr. Cary Blanchard, a Battalion Chief in charge of Public Affairs received her Chief Fire Officer (CFO) designation from the Center for Public Safety and Excellence (CPSE) Fire Chief, Don Todd announced today.

The designation recognizes fire officers, at a given rank, for their education, experience, contribution to the fire service, and community involvement.

“This is a very prestigious award,” said Todd. It’s a lengthy and detailed process.” After completing the application and supplying documentation, the applicant must submit for a peer review process and an interview. Finally a panel reviews and approves the application.”

CFO represents the pinnacle of accreditation under the CPSE process. Blanchard is one of only two members of the Plantation Fire Department who currently maintains this accreditation.

Dr. Blanchard was promoted to Battalion Chief in January of 2019. She earned her Doctorate in Organizational Leadership from the University of Phoenix.

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