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Second-Alarm Warehouse Fire Lights Up Night Sky Over Albany

This article is a direct street report from our correspondent and has not been edited by the 1st Responder newsroom.

ALBANY, NY - On September 19th at 7:19 P.M., the city of Albany emergency communication center became flooded with calls for a reported structure fire on Tivoli Street. Multiple callers reported a warehouse to be on fire. Engine 2, Rescue 2, the rescue squad, Trucks 1, 2 and 4, Engine 1, Mohawk Ambulance Service, and the battalion chief responded to the scene.

As Engine 2 was en route to the scene, thick heavy black smoke was visible in the night sky and a massive glow from the fire was visible from a great distance away. Engine 2 arrived on scene and immediately transmitted the Signal 30 for a working structure fire followed by the second-alarm as they had a large 100' x 30' commercial structure with heavy fire throughout. As units were coming down the street, heavy fire and black smoke blew through the roof of the building into the night sky, lighting up everything around the warehouse. As cars were traveling along Interstate 90, they slowed down as the fire was clearing over the tops of buildings with flames 40-50 feet in the air. Engine 2 immediately grabbed a nearby fire hydrant, established a water supply and firefighters went into defensive operations.

Engines 7 and 9, and Rescue 1 were requested to the scene. Firefighters began setting up multiple blitz fires on scene and Trucks 2 and 1 put their ladders in the air while engines began to lay in multiple lines of large diameter hose to create a water supply for the scene. With several significant water sources established and numerous supply lines hooked up to the truck companies, firefighters quickly went into master stream operations. As they were doing so, a large portion of the wall on the 'Bravo' side of the structure gave way and on the 'Delta' side of the building. The roof of the building had collapsed inward, sending a huge column of embers into the air. Firefighters, utilizing the blitz fires on scene, put them into the windows on the second-floor of the structure.

Truck companies on scene utilized their master streams and began to darken down the heavy fire condition. By the 15-minute mark, the city of Albany's Fire Department had a significant portion of the fire under control. Firefighters continued to utilize master streams from their truck companies to knock down all of the heavy fire conditions. By the 30-minute mark, there was a significant amount of steam and smoke that had covered the street and command requested code enforcement and the building department to the scene, as the building had significant damage and would need to be torn down. Firefighters continued to utilize master stream operations and multiple blitz fires for an extended period of time.

Fire investigators on scene began to conduct their investigation into what caused the fire. Numerous witnesses were interviewed from the incident. No injuries were reported. Albany firefighters did remain on scene for an extended period of time, as there was extensive overhaul needed to make sure the fire was out. The City of Troy and Watervliet Arsenal Fire Departments were requested to the city of Albany to assist with handling the call volume in the city while crews were working on scene of the second-alarm structure fire. The fire is still under investigation at this time.

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