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Double Homicide Rocks A Central Troy Neighborhood

By JEFFREY BELSCHWINDER, Senior Correspondent | August 29, 2020 | NEW YORK

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Double Homicide Rocks A Central Troy Neighborhood After A Community BBQ Brings Them Together
Troy, NY
On August 28, 2020 at 10:26 PM, The City of Troy's Police Department’s zone three, two, four, and The on-duty sergeant was dispatched to Seventh Avenue and Glen Avenue for a report of shots fired. The dispatcher notified all responding units they were taking dozens of phone calls on the incident.
Multiple police units quickly arrived in the area and had two individuals down in the street. Police units 301 advice the dispatcher they had one individual shot in the head and another person shot multiple times to dispatch the fire department to the scene. Engine four, engine one, truck two, the rescue squad, medic one, medic two, and the Battalion chief was dispatched to the scene. Officers on scene requested additional units to the scene as they had a large group starting to gather around them. As officers were working on the two down gun shot wound victims they discovered they had a third gun shot wound victim that had been shot in the leg. The police units notified the dispatcher and the cities third ambulance was dispatched to the scene. Officers administered a tourniquet to the gun shot wound victims leg at 10:31 PM and numerous officers began conducting CPR on the down gun shot wound victims on scene.
The on duty Sergeant requested a full response from The city of Watervliet, Rensselaer County Sheriffs Department, New York State Police, and The detective bureau to be dispatched to the scene. The on-duty sergeant requested one of the units on scene to deploy their patrol rifle for security purposes on scene. Police notified the fire department that the scene is now secured and they are cleared to enter the scene. Numerous firefighters/ paramedics began to administer advanced life support to the gun shot wound victims on scene. The Battalion chief on scene requested the dispatcher to immediately contact the chief of the department of the situation they are facing. Firefighters and police officers immediately placed the gun shot wound victims on a stretcher and placed them into the ambulance and took off for Samaritan Hospital as it was the closest hospital as both gun shot wound victims were in full trauma arrest on scene. The third victim was placed in the back of the medic rig with additional members of the rescue squad on board and taken to Albany Medical Center. Multiple police officers joined all of the ambulance crews and assisted them on the way into the hospital. The on-duty sergeant notified the dispatcher that they will only be taking emergency calls until further notice.
Police units on scene began to place crime scene tape up around the intersection as they had shell casings covering the ground in all directions and vehicles with their windows shot out. With all three ambulances at the hospital and no available ambulances left in the city again, firefighters on scene at the hospital quickly turned over their patients to the medical professionals at Samaritan Hospital and Albany Medical Center and attempted to placed the ambulances back in service. One of the problems in the City of Troy that still remains to this day is proper staffing. With out the proper staffing firefighters are forced to take out of service a major portion of the cities fire protection apparatus each time a medical call is handled. Today firefighters had to take Engine four, Engine two, Truck two, Truck one and The Rescue Squad out of service for about one hour leaving two engine companies to cover the whole city for all calls until the other apparatus could be placed back in service after the firefighters decontaminated and cleaned the medic rigs. Police officers on scene immediately began to search around all of the vehicles on scene and checked the tires of any patrol car that came into the scene for additional shell casings. Officers had close to two dozen shell casings on the ground from multiple different caliber guns.
Seventh Avenue and Glen Avenue is one of the most violent intersections in the city of Troy. This year the city of Troy has had numerous shootings and shots fired incidents at this location. In a major effort to curb the violence in the city and conduct better community services the City of Troy’s Fire Department’s union held a pop-up barbecue at the intersection of Seventh Avenue and Glen Avenue for all of the children and residents in the area with the assistance from the Troy Police Department and one of the cities most active council woman who is in charge of that district Kim Ashe-Mcpherson. The event started at 5:30pm and went to 8:30pm and served over 200 meals and provided a great time to everyone that came out to the event. These types of events are key to building a strong relationship with in the community in these areas. The Troy Fire Department’s Union and Councilwoman Ashe-Mcpherson understands this and has been working tirelessly to bring change to the neighborhoods in district two by providing services to numerous community programs and backing and standing with snug against the gun violence. Councilwoman Kim Ashe-Mcpherson was at the scene of the shooting tonight and was in total shock. Kim posted on Facebook “ I have tried to write this a few times and each time I had to stop and start again. I am going to pause ya'll. Right now I am sad and I am pissed. Right now I am trying to understand the senseless acts of violence that took place a few hours ago. On the same corner that we had a pop up BBQ. I met one of the young men tonight that was shot. I met him 6 hours ago. 6 hours ago he was alive. 1 1/2 hour ago he was going to the store. Now .. gone Senseless and stupid … It has to stop”
Numerous detectives from the city of Troy and evidence technicians began to process the very large crime scene. Police will remain on scene until the early hours of the morning. Two of the gun shot wound victims succumbed from their injuries. One of the gunshot wound victims is a live and in stable condition at the hospital at this time. Police are looking for anyone that may have witnessed the incident. Troy Police remind the public they can remain anonymous. If you have any information that can help solve the homicide please call 518-270-4421 option six.

This article is a direct street report from our correspondent and has not been edited by the 1st Responder newsroom.