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One Person Shot and Killed In Little Italy Neighborhood

By JEFFREY BELSCHWINDER, Senior Correspondent | August 18, 2020 | NEW YORK

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One Person Shot and Killed In Little Italy Neighborhood Followed By Another Person Shot On Sixth Avenue
Troy, New York
On August 17, 2020 at 6:08 PM, The city of Troy‘s police Department was notified that the dispatcher was receiving multiple phone calls for a shooting at the intersection of fourth Street and Adams Street. Multiple callers stated the subject was shot in the head and CPR was in progress.
Police units from zone one, two, three, both K-9 units, the on-duty road Sergeant, and Captain all responded to the scene. The city of Troy’s Fire Department was dispatched to the scene. Engine six, the rescue squad, the battalion chief, and medic one from North Lansingburgh was dispatched to the scene. Multiple police units quickly arrived on scene and had a male subject down on the sidewalk with multiple gunshot ones with a bystander doing CPR. As multiple police units quickly arrived on scene they notified the fire department they were clear to enter the scene. Engine six arrived on scene and immediately took over doing chest compressions on the victim who was in trauma arrest. The rescue squad in the battalion chief quickly followed behind them and began to administer advanced life support. With numerous emergency medical calls going on in the city of Troy at the same time as the shooting and the city of Troy‘s fire department moving back to having only one fully staffed medic rig, the ambulance for the shooting scene was coming from Lansingburgh and had a 10-minute estimated time of arrival to the scene.
As firefighters were attempting to revive the gunshot wound victim that was in full trauma arrest, officers on scene were attempting to move the crowds back as they had a very large shooting scene. The city of Troy’s police Captain requested mutual aid to the scene from the city of Watervliet’s police department. Medic one arrived on scene and firefighters quickly picked up the gunshot wound victim and with firefighters from the rescue squad took off to Samaritan Hospital. As officers were setting up crime scene tape they discovered numerous shell casings on the ground. The on-duty Captain told the dispatcher that the city of Troy's police units will only be taking emergency calls until further notice.
Officers set up a large perimeter and continue to search for evidence. The on-duty Captain notified the police chief, who quickly arrived on scene. A request for the mobile command center was made as investigators had a homicide on their hands. Numerous recalls for detectives, evidence technicians, zone patrol officers were conducted. The fire department that transported the victim in medic one was placed out of service at the hospital. Officers, detectives, and evidence technicians remained on scene for a large portion of the evening.
An Investigator while on scene of the homicide noticed a white vehicle with three individuals in it acting suspicious and one investigator that was in his car witness a weapon being handed around in the car. Officers went to go up to the vehicle, but before they could do so the vehicle left the scene. As the vehicle headed down Jefferson Street, multiple undercover cars started to follow the vehicle. The car headed towards the Menands bridge with officers following and as soon as the vehicle hit the bridge the vehicle took off down the highway at a high rate of speed. Undercover officers hung back and kept eyes on the vehicle. As the vehicle came back in to the city of Troy with marked patrol cars in place, officers attempted to pull the vehicle over as it had expired tags, but the vehicle took off. The driver and passengers in the vehicle jumped from the vehicle and fled from police. Multiple officers got in a foot chase and kept up with all of the suspects. As one suspect jumped the fences in the yards nearby one officer tackled the suspect at 8th Street and Federal Street and the other officer was able to capture another suspect hiding nearby. Officers secured the vehicle and requested a zone tow to the scene to bring the vehicle back to the station. Investigators immediately filed for a search warrant for the vehicle. As officers were searching the area were the suspect was running through the yards they discovered a loaded 9mm hand gun.
As officers were finishing on the foot chase scene and officers were conducting their investigation at the scene of the homicide in the late hours of the evening. The dispatcher notified zone three and the on-duty captain that they were taking multiple calls for multiple shots fired on sixth Avenue and was receiving a call that a person had been hit by a bullet. Engine four, the rescue squad, the battalion chief, and engine one was dispatched to the intersection of Sixth Avenue and Swift Avenue. As police units arrived on scene and made contact with the gunshot wound victim, police units notified the fire department that it was safe for them to make entry to the scene. As firefighters got out of their vehicle’s firefighters had to step over the two dozen shell casings that littered the ground. Police officers immediately shut down Sixth Avenue from Swift Avenue to Glen Avenue.
Firefighters made contact with the gunshot wound victim and quickly loaded the individual into the ambulance and transported them to Samaritan Hospital for their non-life threating injury. As police officers began to search the street for evidence they discovered they had two dozen shell casings on the ground and numerous buildings that had been struck by bullets. Firefighters had to use caution as they were leaving the scene and made sure that they did not pick up any shell casings in their tire treads as they backed out of the scene. As police were on scene of the shooting on Sixth Avenue, the dispatcher notified them that a gunshot wound victim had walked into Albany Medical Center. Officers remained on scene of the shooting on Sixth Avenue unit the early hours of the morning. At 1:22 AM on August 18, 2020, the city of Troy’s Emergency Response Team, Detective Bureau, and Special Operations Sector executed a search warrant at 316 4th Street on all floors. The Emergency Response Team quickly cleared all of the floors in the house and made it safe for the Detective Bureau and evidence technicians to enter the building. The Detective Bureau and the evidence technicians remained on scene for extended period of time. The gunshot wound victims that were brought into the hospitals all had non-life-threatening injuries on Sixth Avenue. The individual that had died on fourth Street and Adam Street was pronounced dead at the hospital and was 23 years of Age. The city of Troy’s Police Department is currently looking for anyone that has information on any of the shootings and remind the public they can stay anonymous.
Editorial: The city of Troy’s emergency services was pushed to the breaking point on August 17, 2020. With numerous police officers handling violent crimes, shootings, emergency calls, and a homicide while all other calls were placed on hold and were going unanswered for hours until the department could get additional resources in to handle the normal call volume. The city of Troy’s Fire Department only having one full-time and fully staffed Ambulance again in the city of Troy was pushed to the limits this evening. During Covid-19 the cities administration mandated that all of the three city’s medic rigs to be staffed appropriately. Recently that mandate had been removed and the city of Troy ‘s fire department went back to short staffing the rigs. Normally what occurs in the City of Troy’s is truck company one out of Lansingburgh is placed out of service and the firefighters man medic one and engine two is taken out of service while firefighters man medic two. Two essential pieces of apparatus are taken out of service each time. Recently Engine two was taken out of service and the station was closed due to low manpower. For years the fire departments union has fought with the city council to properly staff the medic rigs to prevent the loss of life and property, but have made no progress in doing so. The City of Troy being so top heavy with tax exempt entities that are draining the city of Troy's resources are taking a major toll on the emergency services. For the last few years the tax exempt entities that donate money to the city have been cutting their donations to the emergency services back yearly. The police department on August 17, 2020 with two major shootings in their city had depleted their resources of officers and investigators. Numerous police officers fear the push for the defunding of the police campaign that has been being pushed to the city of Troy‘s City Council will lead to officers being cut from the job and placing the residences in future danger and a violent spike in crime will occur more in the areas of the city that don’t normally see it like the Sycaway area, Eastside, Hills View Heights, South Troy, and The Emerald Greens Neighborhood. Numerous residents in these areas are showing support for cutting the police departments budget based on the letters read in the previous City Council meeting and redirecting funding in to other areas of the budget. If the police departments budget is cut and layoffs are presented other police agencies will be waiting to offer jobs to any officer that could lose their job as they will be receiving well train and skilled officers from a large city. Police agencies around the capital region are seeing a record number of officers retiring at the 20 years mark or officers that were staying to help out a struggling agency retiring due to the current times we are in. A large shortage of police officers and firefighters in the area in the near future are going to have a major impact on the safety of the capital region sooner then later.

This article is a direct street report from our correspondent and has not been edited by the 1st Responder newsroom.