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Troy Police Investigating A Mid-Day Homicide On Sixth Avenue

This article is a direct street report from our correspondent and has not been edited by the 1st Responder newsroom.

On September 18, 2023, at 2:28 PM, the Rensselaer County Emergency Communication Center began taking multiple calls for reports of multiple shots fired in the area of Sixth Avenue and 106th Street. The City of Troy’s school resource officer assigned to the Lansingburgh school district heard what he believed to be multiple gunshots ringing out near the school and began to investigate. The City of Troy’s Fire Department was being dispatched as the first arriving officer came upon the scene. The police officer had a male subject that had been shot in the head on scene.

Engine four, medic one, and the battalion chief was dispatched to the scene. As multiple units were responding to the scene, the dispatcher notified the battalion chief that they had a second shooting victim at the intersection of Sixth Avenue in Middleburgh Street. The battalion chief had engine two and the rescue squad along with medic four respond to that scene and stage in the area and wait for police. As multiple units arrived on scene on Sixth Avenue and 106th Street firefighters took over chest compressions on the gunshot wound victim and the battalion chief called the dispatcher to notify Samaritan Hospital that they are going to be coming in with a victim of a gunshot wound in trauma arrest.  The battalion chief assessed the scene as he had a two-car motor vehicle accident with one vehicle rammed into a tree with another vehicle pushing it against the tree.

The additional units responding to the second gunshot wound victim were notified that the individual was almost to Samaritan Hospital and the battalion chief requested the dispatcher to notify security that they had multiple gunshot wound victims coming to their location. Multiple police units quickly began to arrive on scene and shut down the intersection. Police also checked the second vehicle involved on scene. Police on scene were quickly able to locate numerous shell casings from the targeted shooting. Firefighters not wasting any time placed the gunshot wound victim on a stretcher and made their way to the medic rig and began to continue giving the gunshot wound victim advance life-support measures to attempt to revive the individual.  The fire department notified the hospital again that they were coming in with a gunshot wound victim in full trauma arrest with multiple gunshot wounds to makes sure the emergency room was ready for them.

As the fire department was getting ready to pull off scene the long tone dropped for an alarm of fire at 65 3rd Street. The caller reported they hit a gas line in the house. The battalion chief diverted additional units to that scene. The second victim that arrived at Samaritan Hospital immediately began to be treated by the professional staff in the emergency room. Mohawk Ambulance was immediately dispatched to the scene as Samaritan hospital is not a trauma center but can stabilize a victim when needed. Police on scene of the shooting secured the area and began to rope off an area around the incident. Police began to search for additional shell casings on scene. Multiple detectives quickly began to arrive on scene along with numerous evidence technicians and began to utilize a metal detector to search for additional shell casings. Firefighters arrived on scene and investigated the interior apartment and discovered a gas leak and requested national grid to the scene and declared a signal twenty. 

Police on scene did not capture the suspect involved in the incident. The shooter is still at large. Police on scene scanned the entire crime scene with a three-dimensional camera. Police on scene shut down a two-block radius around the incident and began to go door-to-door looking for any type of footage captured by homeowners' security cameras that could lead them to the cause of the midday shooting. Police on scene interviewed multiple witnesses of the horrific and violent execution. Troy Police Departments Assistant Chief of Police Steven Barker stated “We believe the incident was targeted violence between the suspect and the victims. There are no indication others in the community are in danger. The actions of the suspect will be investigated by our team along with our partners at the state and federal levels of law-enforcement.”

The male victim of the shooting was pronounced dead at the hospital. The female victim had a gun shot wound to the head and was listed in stable condition with non-life-threatening injuries. The city of Troy’s Police Department is looking for the public help in catching the individual or individuals responsible for the midday execution. Residents in the area can contact the Troy Police Department if they have any information on the incident.


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