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Dog Starts Port Jervis House Fire & is Safely Rescued Thanks to Careful Homeowner Precautions

This article is a direct street report from our correspondent and has not been edited by the 1st Responder newsroom.

PORT JERVIS, NY - The canine resident of a West End home in Port Jervis sparked a fire in July in which the dog was uninjured thanks to the owner’s use of an alarm monitoring and remote camera system in the house.

A fire alarm was sounded for Port Jervis Fire Department at 5:55 P.M. on Tuesday evening, July 5th. A home monitoring company had reported a smoke detector sounding from the living room area of a single-family residential home on Erie Street. The company simultaneously alerted the homeowners, who were not at home but nearby.

The homeowners had installed cameras in their home and were able to immediately see images of smoke in the living room, kitchen and dining room via their remote cameras. The homeowners alerted the alarm company that there was a dog in the house, and within minutes firefighters arrived, followed by the residents.

The fire was initially reported as originating in the living room area of the home; however, it was determined that the fire's origin was the kitchen, and the cause was the dog having jumped up to try to get something from a kitchen counter. While jumping, the dog hit a knob on the stove which ignited a burner, and had then pushed something along the counter and into the flame. Firefighters cut a hole in a wall to help quickly extinguish the blaze and the house was ventilated.

The owners advised that their dog had been crate-trained, and was in the process of being able to be briefly left alone in the house with no problems. They had taken careful precautions and had felt secure with the alarm monitoring and camera system on to keep watch. They now have some wise advice for others which they are carefully following themselves. Their advice? Leave counters completely clear, and leave nothing even distantly near a stove or other potentially ignitable item. Always have working smoke alarms, and if at all possible install an alarm monitoring source and remote camera system.

As firefighters left the scene, the uninjured dog was receiving hugs from its grateful owners who are glad to pass along this lesson-learned on avoiding a repeat for themselves, and hopefully preventing a similar experience for others.

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SHARON SIEGELSenior Correspondent

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