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Norton Fire Holds Live Fire Training

By PAT TRAVERS, Senior Correspondent | April 30, 2021 | MASSACHUSETTS

Story No. 050421108

NORTON, MASSACHUSETTS (BRISTOL COUNTY) - The Norton Fire Department made good use of a building set for demolition on Friday, April 30, 2021. The house on Leonard Street was set to be demolished to make way for new construction projects in the area and was made available to the fire department to use for training. Many of Norton's firefighters were in attendance as several training evolutions were performed.

Each live fire evolution utilized simultaneous operations with separate crews assigned to search and rescue, extinguishment, ladder operations, and rapid intervention team. Both floors of the two-story wood framed house were used for evolutions. Firefighters rotated roles during the evolutions so that they could get the most out of the training provided. Members of the local Board of Selectmen were on-hand to witness first hand the different roles and responsibilities of the firefighters while on the fire ground.

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