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Fire Alarm Leads To Multiple Buildings Going In Ashford

By RYAN FLAHERTY, Correspondent | February 12, 2021 | CONNECTICUT

Story No. 021221107

At 4:53 pm on Friday, 2/12/2021 the Ashford & Eastford Fire Departments were dispatched to The Hole In The Wall Gang Camp, 565 Ashford Center Road for a fire alarm. At 5:03, Tolland County Dispatch told Engine 120 they are receiving multiple calls reporting a structure fire at the camp. The first alarm assignment was filled out bringing Ashford, Eastford, Mansfield Squad 307, UConn Tower 122, Tolland Tanker 140 and Willington Hill Tanker 149.

Ashford Car 420 arrived at 5:11 reporting multiple buildings involved with one already on the ground. Eastford Engine 171 arrived at 5:13 and set up on the eastern side while attempting exposure protection. Ashford Engine 120 set up on the western side and stretched a 2.5” hose line with a blitzfire to the bravo side.

At 5:18 Car 120 transmitted the third alarm which added Mansfield Tanker 307, Tolland ET 240, Tanker 440, Uconn Engine 122, with Willington ET 113 & ET 249. Squad 307 assisted ET 113 with establishing a draft from the dry hydrant on Eaton Road and sent their manpower forward to stretch a line from Engine 120, which cut the fire off before spreading to another large exposure on the bravo/charlie corner.

Tower 122 stretched a 1.75” hand-line and positioned it on the alpha/delta corner using their tank water on the exposure until Eastford Engine 271 established a draft. Engine 271 fed Tower 122 which knocked down a lot of fire. Crews worked the scene for several hours while the temperature outside was 25 degrees. The Ashford Fire Marshal is investigating with assistance from the Connecticut State Police Fire and Explosion Investigation Unit.

This article is a direct street report from our correspondent and has not been edited by the 1st Responder newsroom.