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Two Unusual Rescues Conducted Within 3 Days in Weare

By Robert Vezina, Jr., Correspondent | February 06, 2021 | NEW HAMPSHIRE

Story No. 020821111

Weare, NH - On Saturday, February 6th, a woman suffered injuries after falling into a trash compactor at the Weare Transfer Station on Merrill Road.

The 55-year old woman fell about 12-feet from a ledge over the trash compactor, suffering injuries to her upper body and head. To reach the woman, Weare Fire Rescue personnel climbed into the hopper to assess her injuries. She was removed utilizing rope rescue equipment and then transported to Concord Hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

This was the second unusual rescue for personnel that week. On Wednesday, February 3rd, personnel responded to an injured man on one of the Town’s many snowmobile trails. The man was helping the local snowmobile club remove a motor vehicle that had been stuck on the trail for several days. While attempting to retrieve the vehicle, the trail-grooming machine struck the 70-year-old man, causing an open fracture to his leg.

Fire Rescue personnel, working with members of the snowmobile club, accessed the injured man who was located approximately two miles from the trailhead. After assessing and treating his injuries, Fire Rescue personnel placed him into a Rescue Boggan and he was towed by one of the snowmobile club members to the awaiting ambulance.

In 2015, the Weare Winter Wanderers Snowmobile Club donated the Equinox Rescue Boggan used by Weare Fire Rescue. “Having used it a few times now, we are very appreciative of the Weare Winter Wanderers donation,” said Weare Fire Chief Robert Vezina.

This article is a direct street report from our correspondent and has not been edited by the 1st Responder newsroom.