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TFT offers FAST answer to truck manufacturer’s challenges

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February 06, 2009 | INDIANA DOUG MILLER, Correspondent

VALPARAISO, IN -- With technological advancements and changes in NFPA 1901 standards, the challenges to North American fire apparatus manufacturers are growing markedly. In response, Task Force Tips has come up with a timely answer – the Fire Apparatus Solutions Team – more commonly known as FAST.

“This is an industry where the needs are many, and so often, they’re immediate,” said Doug Miller, TFT Midwestern FAST rep who’s a seasoned firefighter and TFT sales rep with some 20 years experience in each field. “People we’re working with need to know if they call, they’re going to get an immediate answer, or at least have the comfort of knowing that someone else is working hard with them to find a solution.”

Task Force Tips is best known for providing first responders with high quality, innovative agent delivery solutions. Its product line of nozzles, monitors, foam equipment, LDH valves, suction hose, fittings/ adapters, and specialty nozzles – coupled with outstanding 24-hour-service – have built this Midwest company into one of the world’s leading manufacturers of fire fighting equipment.

South Bend native Ron Truhler has stepped onboard to fill FAST’s second crew slot. Truhler, also a firefighter, is probably best known for the millions of dollars in sales he garnered during his years of work at two leading Midwestern truck chassis manufacturer/dealers.

“I’ve had the opportunity to work with fire truck manufacturers for years, and I’m just glad that TFT is offering me a chance to build on the relationships I’ve already made,” Truhler commented. “Many of these people are long time friends – through firefighting as well as work. Their daily challenges are already mine. That’s why FAST is so great. Joining them gives me the opportunity to work help these manufacturers with everything I’ve got – and hopefully a little more.”

Truhler will be working with apparatus builders in the Eastern and Southern U.S., as well as the eastern provinces of Canada.

Firefighter Dave Burns – who’s logged 14 years of service for TFT – will round out TFT’s three-member FAST crew. He continues to devote his energies and talents to apparatus manufacturers west of the Mississippi River, as well as western Canada.

“In addition to the FAST crew being strategically located to respond to fire apparatus manufacturers needs, our service and technical team is on call 24 hours a day at 800-854-6864,” Burns explained. “Technical, installation, application and operational support is only a phone call away, with much of it available at anytime.”

Although team members expect to be on the road for a lion’s share of their work weeks, each plans to continue his work with the Fire Apparatus Manufacturers Association (FAMA).

“When you’re looking at a lean economy like we’re facing now, you have to understand that there’s a trickle down effect that touches every part of every industry,” Burns explained. “Fire Apparatus manufacturers aren’t immune to that. They have customers coming to them whose needs are even more exact because the dollars they have to spend are tighter than ever before. FAST will allow them to tap into a professional fire apparatus equipment manufacturing network for help in working through time sensitive situations.”

For more information about TFT’s FAST crew, please visit or phone Miller, Truhler, or Burns at (800) 348 2686.

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