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Farewell Knights Township Fire Department.

This article is a direct street report from our correspondent and has not been edited by the 1st Responder newsroom.

On 1/1/11 while everyone was watching the ball drop in many cities fire dispatchers were for Knights Township were preparing a drop of their own. This one would m ark more than just a ending to the year but a sad ending for a firehouse of dedicated volunteers. Just after 12 am on 1/11/11 the tones were set off for the last time calling out the Knights Township one one last run. Both stations made their last call to a parade of supporters lining the streets. As the sirens rang and the horns blared though the streets the dispatch called out to each unit one last time. As they replied each gave a last minute goodbye to their brother and sister firefighters. As one unit described it over the air it was a slow scheduled death. Something that residents fear is true with having to go with out fire protection services.
This story may be a sign of what is yet to come for other fire departments. With a poor economy and loss of many jobs many towns and cities struggle with trying to make budgets balance. The short fall of money for a community can be devastating in one way or another. Knights township could be the first of what the future may have in store. Their is no such thing as a government bailout when it comes to protective services. So communities are left to go with out something that could mean the difference between life or death. The departments logo is Riding The Storm. This is one storm no one saw coming. Knights Township serves the out limits of Evansville In and now Evansville will handle calls for the other city limits. At 12:01 New years say twenty seven years of dedication came to a end. Rest In Peace Knights Township FD. May god be with all who you served.

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RICK PENNOCKSenior Correspondent

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