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Odyssey delivers deputy chief command unit to St. Tammy Parish in Louisiana

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January 27, 2009 | LOUISIANA PROVIDED, Correspondent

SLIDELL, LA - The St. Tammany Parish Fire Protection District, located in Slidell, Louisiana, only 30 miles north of New Orleans, is made up of 140 career members and a highly competent K-9 Search and Rescue Unit.

New to the fleet is the Deputy Chief Command Unit built by Odyssey Automotive Specialty of Wharton, New Jersey. The new command unit is based on a 2008 GMC Suburban with a turn-key Odyssey conversion including their custom wiring harness system, custom command cabinet with a communications area, horizontal and vertical pull out command boards and a full compliment of Whelen LED lighting.

Their officers can manage an emergency scene with radios capable of 700-800Mhz, VHF, and UHF spectrums allowing inter-operablity to a multitude of agencies. With onboard computer and printer and a host of other features, the Chief Officers now have everything at their fingertips.

Bobby Worchel, department Information Technology Officer worked within the available budget to make this truck possible. Taking advantage of a state contract vehicle purchase he arranged for the Suburban to be drop shipped from GM directly to Odyssey, supplied the communications equipment and coordinated the conversion so the department would receive a turn-key Odyssey conversion to last for many trouble free years.

If another hurricane hits their area Saint Tammany will be ready to respond.

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