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FDNY The Battle Continues, Vol. 24


By John M. Malecky January, 2019

FDNY The Battle Continues, Vol. 24
By Fire Line Video Productions

Available from:
FSP Boos & Videos
Hudson, MA 01749-1330

Price $29.95 (DVD)

This DVD is 63 minutes in length and features fires from 2007 and 2008. There are nine incidents including three third-alarms, three second-alarms and three “all hands.” Five are in Queens, three are in the Bronx and one is in Brooklyn. There is radio traffic that can be overheard during these incidents, but it is not always understandable. The back of the DVD case lists the incidents with some descriptions adding to the announcement on the screen preceding each scene.

Of the all hands, the first is in Queens involving a 2 ½ story frame private dwelling. Fire apparently started on the first floor and communicated through the walls, eventually reaching the attic. An aerial ladder, ground ladders and hand tools are used in venting windows. Next is an all hands in the Bronx for a vacant, two-story private dwelling which had a fire a few days before. Fire is in the second floor rear.

Next is a second-alarm in Queens involving a historic wooden church. A tower ladder opens up near the ridgepole. The fire gains intensity. A second-alarm in Queens is in the basement of a two-story private dwelling. An injured civilian is removed to an ambulance. Next is a third-alarm in a six-story brick occupied multiple dwelling in the Bronx, involving the cockloft after traveling through the upper floor.

An all hands in Queens is next, involving a well involved first floor of a two-story frame dwelling. It was an outside fight initially due to the deteriorating conditions. A Bronx third-alarm is next for a deep-seated cellar fire discovered by a company on another call. A tower ladder is directed into an opening in the cellar at the storefront.

Next is a second-alarm in Queens on the Van Wyck Expressway for an overturned tanker which ignited. Kennedy Airport fire units were having a drill when they spotted the smoke. They reported the fire and got permission to investigate and respond off their property, and did so with three crash units. The FDNY received the call for the tanker fire and beside their response, dispatched all of the foam units to the scene. Finally, the last is a third-alarm in Brooklyn in a vacant, four-story brick dwelling which started in the stairway and extended up through the building due to high winds.

This volume, like all of the rest, is packed with action!

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