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The Science of Firefighting


By John M. Malecky January, 2022

The Science of Firefighting
By Douglas B. Watson

Available from:
FSP Books & Videos
433 Main Street
Hudson, MA 01749-1331
E-mail: support@fire-police-ems.com

Price $83.00 (DVD)

This is a 48 minute video from Fire Engineering. It was composed in 2013. In spite of the date, some things never change, namely science. The instructor is a veteran of the fire service and previously an Army veteran. At the time of this video he was the Training Officer of the Palm Beach County, Florida Training and Safety Division.

The presentation takes place at different times, either in a classroom or outside on a training ground, depending on the subject to be covered. The subjects include pressure, maximizing torque (exertion of force with hand placement), butting a ladder, ideal gas law such as with a demonstration using an SCBA cylinder illustrating pressure volume temperature, heat transfer and conduction, behavior of smoke and fire gases, thermal conductivity (expansion and contraction), heat transfer, absorption of heat, conductors and insulators and water hammer.

The illustrations are excellent! Some are ones I have never seen, but they all get the point across. There were two instances where two charts with white backgrounds were almost unreadable due to video lighting causing a washout condition, however the instructor does explain the lesson verbally so the lack of the chart contents is immaterial.

This is a good class on important principles given by a teacher who will hold your attention!

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