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1818 East Grand: Tales from the Detroit Fire Department



By John M. Malecky                                                              January, 2024


1818 East Grand: Tales from the Detroit Fire Department

By Frank English


Available from:

FSP Books & Videos

433 Main Street, Suite 2A

Hudson, MA  01749


E-mail: support@fire-police-ems.com


Price: 15.95

This is a soft cover book measuring six inches by nine inches, with 85 pages. The title of the book is the address of a fire station dear to the author’s heart. The book is the memoirs of retired Captain John English, who spent 35 years of active service with the DFD from 1973 through 2007. He chronicles his career between many stations, both busy and not so busy, and many fire companies, many of which were squads. The chapters are very short and diversified, including one on firefighter women and firehouse dogs. The horrible stories you may have heard or read about fires in Detroit are confirmed here, let alone the problems of a big city. One chapter is particularly touching which involved the line of duty death of a rookie firefighter (whom the book is dedicated to). Adventures in different battalions are touched on, and as always there is firehouse horseplay amongst members. There is a fair amount of photos, both black and white, and color. There is also a glossary of terms at the end of the book. For the price, this is an excellent book to read, especially if your time is limited because it is easy to go through a chapter quickly, put the book down and pick it up again without losing you place.

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