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All Walks of Life (and Death)



By John M. Malecky                                                                     June, 2023


All Walks of Life (and Death)

By John (Scooz) Spicuzza


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This book is 6 inches by 8 inches, soft cover, with 284 pages. After the introduction there are 16 chapters of memoirs from the author who spent 42 years serving mankind in multiple capacities, such as firefighter/paramedic, which included being an emergency room paramedic, a paramedic instructor, fire academy instructor and EMS training officer, hazmat technician and instructor, terrorism instructor and member of the state urban search and rescue (USAR) team. The chapters categorize his experiences. Most are made up of short stories as he remembers them. I can tell you one thing. There is very little left to the imagination after you have read of these incidents! Some are humorous, some are not so humorous and some are horrific. Empathizing being present at some of these calls will knock your socks off! You have to read the book to appreciate what this type of work is all about. It would be especially helpful to those contemplating a career in fire/EMS and/or law enforcement. One of the incidents amounted to murder of a senior citizen on purpose in my opinion and the author’s as well. The book is well worth the price. There are also stories of the horseplay and other firehouse humor, as well as sad stories of death and of doctors who had little respect for assistants and poor bedside manners. It is definitely a book worth reading. It may take a while to finish it, but your time will be well spent. To the author, I salute you! You are a great human being and family man!  

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