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Bay State Fire Apparatus

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April 01, 2023 | NEW JERSEY John Malecky, Correspondent


By John M. Malecky, May, 2023


Bay State Fire Apparatus

Photography by Chuck Lowe

Available from:

FSP Books & Videos

433 Main Street

Hudson, MA 01749


Email: support@fire-police-ems.com


Price: $35.95

This is a soft covered book measuring 8 ½ inches by 11 inches, with 172 pages. It was a very easy book to review because it was plain and simple. The author is a retired captain from the Cambridge, Massachusetts Fire Department and is an avid, dedicated fire apparatus photographer. You see his name quite often in 1st Responder News usually below a photo of an apparatus. What made this review easy is that after a brief introduction on page 1, the rest of the book is loaded with apparatus from 172 fire departments. Each photo was taken by him and has basic information pertaining to the vehicle. That’s it! All “meat and potatoes.” These are all color and of fairly new apparatus…no antiques. The back cover has three color photos which are included in the count. The book covers nearly half of the 363 departments that are in the state. However as you thumb through the book you would think that all of the departments were represented unless you were looking for a certain city or town that wasn’t found. All photos are of high quality, and I’m sure Chuck is not finished and still on the move. So who knows, maybe someday there will be a sequel. If there is I will acquire it, but in the meantime I would advise you, the reader, to purchase this one especially if you are a fan of apparatus. After all, apparatus is the main means of fighting fires!    

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