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The Art of Miscommunication


By John M. Malecky May, 2022

The Art of Miscommunication
By Dave Casey

Available from:
FSP Books & Videos
433 Main Street
Hudson, MA 01749-0331
E-mail: support@fire-police-ems.com

Price: $79.00 (DVD)

This product is by Fire Engineering Books & Videos and is 97 minutes in duration. It was copyrighted in 2018. The presenter has over 40 years in the fire service in many capacities and owns a company named Ascend Leadership. He gives this class to a group of Tulsa firefighters. His presentation covers forms of communication, social media/e-mail, multitasking, and inspiring crucial communications. Towards the end are 10 recommendations to improve communications. This presentation is extremely valuable! I cannot impress upon you enough how proper communications cannot only achieve the message given, but save lives as well. Examples of how miscommunication has cost lives are illustrated in this video and how a simple lack of grammar can send the wrong message. He explains the advantages and disadvantages of different types of communications, such as face to face as opposed to texting for instance. One of my disappointments is e-mail. I cannot understand how many recipients can be so ignorant as to not acknowledge a message with a simple “Thanks” or “OK”, but rather have the caller figure it was received because there was no failure notice later. A message is received if it is understood by the sender and acknowledged by the receiver and hence carried out if need be. This column does not have the space to detail all of the points laid out in proper communications, but I will just state that it is a DVD long in the making and one that will help us work smoothly and promote safety along the way.

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