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New York Rescues (2)


By John M. Malecky May, 2020

New York Rescues
5 DVD set
By Advanced Print & Video

Available from:
Fire Line Video Publications

Price: $69.95

This is the second of the five DVD set. This one features Rescue 2. The introductory format is the same as the last one for Rescue 1, except that there are photos of Rescue 2 operating and the opening orientation is by a member of Rescue 2. Rescue 2 is stationed in the borough of Brooklyn. Brooklyn, though not the largest borough in area, has the most apparatus.

The video was released in 1998 when they had a 1996 HMJE/Saulsbury truck. Most of their activity in this DVD is fires. There are two or three responses to Signal 10-75’s, which are working fires in which three engines and two trucks are ordered. The videographer is positioned so the viewer can see through the windshield. If nothing else it gives the viewer an idea about how difficult it can be to negotiate traffic while responding. By the time they arrive or just before they do they are cancelled.

There is a 3rd alarm in a vacant three-story frame building with heavy fire on all floors. An evacuation order follows shortly and the coverage continues until the fire is knocked down. There is an “All Hands” with an extra truck in a three-story frame building and a 2nd alarm in a vacant two-story brick building. Between these fires is footage of the company back in quarters inspecting their SCUBA equipment as part of firehouse duties.

The fires have a lot to show as far as the work needed to be done to control them. Radio traffic can be heard between companies and the chiefs on the scene. Though the Rescue 2 crews cannot be observed, they are operating and transmitting messages.

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