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Cardio Workout Blues? "Break It Up To Wake It Up!"

It's not Spring yet, but we're getting there. January and February are in the rearview mirror. We are in the homestretch when it comes to avoiding/beating the Winter blues. One way to get a step closer is to break-up/change up your current cardio workouts. Even the smallest of changes can do the trick.

Presently I have my clients breaking their cardio workouts into four (4) quarters and inserting several basic exercises in between. It breaks the monotony and makes the cardio more manageable and enjoyable. They report time seems to pass more quickly and there is a notable positive change in their bodies.

We use the first two (2) minutes of the first quarter to gradually warm-up before reaching the usual speed/pace. After completing the first quarter we insert twenty (20) push-ups, twenty (20) squats and twenty (20) crunches. The exercises are performed as quickly as possible, with no rest and without sacrificing proper form or alignment.

Next it's a return to cardio for another 25% at the usual pace, followed by the push-ups, squats and crunches. Then we get right back to that cardio and a third bout of the exercises.

We complete the final quarter then move into a cool-down and full-body stretch.

The sample uses one (1) exercise each for the upper-body, lower-body and abdominals, but you may prefer to substitute them to suit your needs. All guidelines regarding intensity and duration apply.

Remember to have your physician's approval before beginning any exercise program.

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