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New Year’s Training already off Track? “Check Yourself”

2015 has arrived and with it another fabulous opportunity to get your Fitness Program headed in the right direction. Only four weeks into the New Year and many of the best intentions may have already gone by the wayside. Does that sound about right to you? Here are a few possible reasons why. See Yourself? If so make the necessary adjustments now before things get out of hand.

BORED?? Change any and/or all of the following: Location, Venue (type of equipment i.e. free weight, machine, elastic band, medicine ball, treadmill, stepper etc.), Order of exercise, Format (straight sets, super sets, circuit, high intensity training). Change the Music you are using or add some if you are not. Find a Buddy and workout together. Remember, change is good – not something to be afraid of.

NOT ENOUGH TIME? Implement shorter more frequent workouts if you seem to be running out of hours in a day. Increase the intensity or duration of your workouts on the days you are able to train if you seem to be running out of days of the week.

OVERWHELMED? Workouts too intense? Too Long? Too Frequent? Come on Guys/Gals, you know this one! Taking on too much too soon can not only lead to burnout but injuries as well. Adjust the frequency, intensity and duration to better match your fitness level and keep on going.

INJURED? Uh oh, that’s not good. Depending on the injury it may still be possible to train safely and effectively. Consult your physician and Fitness Professional for appropriate modifications. Still, be smart enough to recognize that it may be necessary to take some time off until you are healthy enough to begin again.

NOT SEEING RESULTS? Really? It’s only been four weeks. On average it will take 6-8 weeks for your body to show significant physiological changes. Hang in there and keep doing all the right things. Eventually, all your hard work should pay-off. If not, re-evaluate your fitness goals, your fitness level and training program then adjust accordingly.

The New Year is still young. If your Training has already taken a few detours or has come to a stop, perform a self-check using the aforementioned scenarios and see where you fall. Make the adjustments and get back on track as soon as possible. This year and always – Begin and Continue!

Remember to have your physician’s approval before beginning any exercise program. Once again – Happy New Year. Please Stay Safe.

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LORI HODGKINSONSenior Correspondent

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