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Contact:Angela Jones
Address:100 Capitol Commerce Boulevard
Phone:800-613-0156 ext. 5

Category: Pumper Tanker

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1993 Volvo FE TILT CAB, 10.3L L6 DIESEL.
Removed from service - 01/2020

Condition when removed from service - Started & ran

Current condition - Starts & runs

Maintenance Schedule - As required

Annual Inspection (while in service) - Yes

Fuel - Diesel

Engine model - Cat - 250 HP see pictures for full ID plates

Engine hours - N/A

Fire Truck Manufacturer - Superior

Transmission - Automatic

Drive-train - Single axle

Brakes - Air

Notable attachments - as seen in pictures less magnet for exhaust hookup

Notable body damage - None

Cracked glass - No

Known issues:
Leak coming from underside of pump on E#3 between two adjoining pipes
When operating the windshield washer spray fluid trickles out and does not spray properly onto windshield (occurs on both wipers)
Compartment light in R2 on E3 is O/S and the lens is cracked
Primer on Engine #3 is not operating
Transverse #1 valve is leaking (charges line when not open).
Relief valve is working intermittently
Requires new Kochek intake valve (existing one is too small for it)
Suction issues due to multiple loose blanking caps and drafting hose is too small for pump requirements (4” vs. 6”).
Recent major repairs (last 12 months) - None

Items seen in images or video NOT included with asset - TBA

Exterior - Scratches, dents, dings & rust are present

Exterior - Corporate decals have been (or) will be removed - Impressions may remain

Overall Vehicle Length - 35' approx

Pump MFG - N/A

Pump size - N/A

Date of last pump Certification Test - 2018

Tank size - N/A

Tank type - N/A

Number of discharges - 4

Number of intakes - 4 - Bid on Government Auctions to buy Government Surplus.