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Category:  Pumper
Online Auction for Government Surplus - Auction Ends 3/4/20 - To view auction details go to www.govdeals.com and enter 5555-75 in the search box.
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Originally purchased for the Police Village of Schomberg in 1969
Single owner of the truck

Was in service up until 2010

Used as a parade truck from 2010 to 2015

Has been parked and unused since 2015

Currently Plated - Historical

Condition when removed from service - Started & ran

Current condition - Starts & runs

Maintenance Schedule - Monthly - As required

Annual Inspection (while in service) - Yes

Fuel - Gas

Fuel Tank - 35 Imperial Gallons

Engine model - 391 HD V8

Alternator - 65 Amp

Fire Truck Manufacturer - La France

Transmission - Standard - 5 speed (Clark 285V)

Power Steering

Notable attachments - Brackets for 14' and 35' Ladders / and 2 Hard Suction Hose

Notable body damage - None

Cracked glass - No

Known issues - None

Recent major repairs (last 12 months) - None

Items seen in images or video NOT included with asset - TBA

Exterior - Scratches, dents, dings & rust are present

Exterior - Corporate decals have been (or) will be removed - Impressions may remain

Overall Vehicle Length - N/A

Wheelbase - 153"

GVW - 25,500 LBS

Pump - Waterous Class A 625 IGPM

Date of last pump Certification Test - N/A

Tank size - 600 Imperial Gallons

Tank type - N/A

Tires - 900 x 2 x 10 Ply

Number of discharges - N/A

Number of intakes - N/A
GovDeals.com - Bid on Government Auctions to buy Government Surplus.
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Call for Price
Dealer Information:
Angela Jones
100 Capitol Commerce Boulevard
Montgomery, AL 36117
800-613-0156 ext. 5
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