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In the Line of Duty
Jared Lloyd, 35 - Spring Valley, NY
Jared Lloyd Firefighter Spring Valley Fire Department Spring Valley, NY Age: 35 Gender: Male Status: Volunteer Years of Service: 15 Date of Incident: March 23, 2021 Date of Death: March 24, 2021 On Tuesday, March 23, 2021, Firefighter Jared Lloyd responded to a fire at the Evergreen Court Home for Adults, an assisted living facility. He rushed into the burning building to save residents, but the fire’s intensity grew and he also became trapped. He sent out a Mayday call and fellow firefighters tried to pull him out, but heavy flames and smoke prevented them from reaching him. For hours after the fire was under control, firefighters scoured the rubble for Firefighter Lloyd. His body was found nearly 24 hours after he became trapped.