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Sandy Christmas Trees!

all Happened in the weeks following the Hurricane Sandy.

After Volunteering Before During and After the Super Storm. we all seen hundreds of trees down. but 3 got a few more weeks. Picked up and used for the Holidays to bring Cheer. 1st one came from Brother Firefighter Jerry Putruele when Myself and Firefighter John Richards were helping Jerry and other Members during the post clean up, 2nd tree came from Green Brook Fire EMS Building, when 3 ft of damage was noticed during the Lighting Placement. 3rd one was Part of my Evergreen tree was damaged durIng Super Storm Sandy. so as a Joke Among 2 other Storm Damaged Trees I put 2 In my yard and 1 InsIde my home. The InterestIng of the 3 Trees was the Charlie brown tree I put In my sIde yard of my corner lot so It could be seen. I used BIg Bulbs from the 70's complete wIth tinsel..It was all In fun. few days Latter Some pranksters Took 3 of my tree sectIons from a tree I took down and put the The Charlie Brown Tree on top of what looks lIkes a Totem pole! but here's the WeIrd part! THEY INCLUDED IN THEIR PRANK Over 400 Forks In my Grass! then to top It off, My Tree Was Knocked over the day After Christmas. What a RIde.! NEW JERSEY STRONG TREES! LIved 12 years From A My Post HurrIcane GlorIa1999 Christmas Tree that I planted after the holIdays, Knocked Down After HurrIcane Sandy. PIcked back up Used Once AgaIn as A Christmas tree, Prank ed and "Forked" SurvIved The 25th and Fell or got knocked down on the 26th,. ThIs New Jersey tree Had a Good StorIed lIfe. and Instead of puttIng out for DPW to pIck up, I wIll waIt until Its Completely Dry, Cut off a pIece and make a Ornament so I can have It Even Longer.

All spent their lives and ended with as Christmas trees during the holidays
Bringing a smile. not a bad way to go

William Coughlin
Green Brook Fire EMS

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