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Fully Involved Garage Extends to Dwelling in Babylon

This article is a direct street report from our correspondent and has not been edited by the 1st Responder newsroom.

BABYLON, NY - At approximately 9:07 P.M.on December 15, 2022, the Babylon Fire Department was alerted for a reported garage fire at 79 Hawser Drive on Oak Beach. Quickly responding were all chiefs from the Babylon Fire Department.

Babylon Central Fire Alarm advised the chiefs that it was a reported garage fire with no other additional information. When chiefs were responding over the bridge, the fire was visible and a Working Fire was transmitted. West Islip was brought in for the RIT.

Upon request of 1-2-30, an extra two engines were brought to the scene, one of which being from North Babylon and the other coming from West Babylon. Upon the arrival of 1-2-32, he advised they had a detached garage on fire, as well as a couple of cars, and that it was exposing into the residence. Upon the arrival of Engine 1-2-3, they began a fire attack with the engines behind relaying water up from the wells.

Multiple hand lines were put into operation to extinguish the garage fire and the fire in the residence, and additional hand lines were put in place to protect exposures as well. At 10:23 P.M., the under control was transmitted.

Mutual aid units consisted of West Islip Fire Department for an RIT (3-17-6) and a quint to the scene (3-17-2), North Babylon Fire Company for an engine to the scene (1-8-4), West Babylon Fire Department for an engine to the scene (1-9-8) and an ambulance to the scene (1-9-17), and the Lindenhurst Fire Department for an additional ambulance (1-6-17).

All occupants of the house were reported to be out, and no injuries were reported. Units operated under Chief of the Babylon Fire Department, Matthew Arundale (1-2-30). The scene was turned over to Town of Babylon Fire Marshals and Suffolk County Police Arson.

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