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West Sand Lake Firefighters Battle A Garage Fire Saving The House

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November 18, 2022 | NEW YORK JEFFREY BELSCHWINDER, Senior Correspondent
This article is a direct street report from our correspondent and has not been edited by the 1st Responder newsroom.

West Sand Lake, NY - On November 18, 2022, at 2:32 AM, The West Sand Lake Fire Department along with Wynantskill Fire Department, Mountain View Fire Department for the fast team was dispatched for multiple calls for a well involved garage fire in the rear of a residence at 4547 Route 150. As deputies were coming through the downtown area of West Sand Lake, they had a heavy glow from the fire in the morning sky.

The first arriving sheriff's deputy on scene, notified the dispatcher that he had a working structure fire that had begun to extend into the house. West Sand Lake car one called in route to the scene and was notified by the dispatcher that the deputies were on scene and confirming a working structure fire. While in route to the scene the chief request Averill Park Fire Department to the scene with a tanker. The deputy notifies the dispatcher that he has had a few explosions on scene from the garage, and the side of the house has now caught fire. Wynantskill Fire Department answered up to the dispatcher that they are standing by in station with truck forty-two and just after they had answered up on the radio West Sand Lake car one arrived on scene and declared a signal thirty for a working structure fire and requested Wynantskill to the scene with an engine.

The dispatcher began to notify county fire coordinators and EMS coordinators of the working fire dispatch being transmitted. As command began to conduct his walk around of the home command immediately transmitted the second alarm as the house was now on fire in the rear of the structure. The second alarm brought East Schodack Fire Department, Best Luther Fire Department, Eagle Mills Fire Department, Poestenkill Fire Department, And Averill Park Fire Department to the scene along with the Defreestville Fire Department to the West Sand Lake fire station for a standby. West Sand Lakes first due engine arrived on scene and took the long driveway to the top and two firefighters jumped out and deployed, a inch and three-quarter handline to the front of the well involve garage fire. Firefighters began to make an aggressive stance on knocking down the well involved garage fire. The two firefighters pushed forward and began to knock down the heavy fire on the side of the house that was beginning to spread to the eaves.

Firefighters quickly placed themselves in between the garage and the house knocking down all of the heavy fire condition on the side of the home. Firefighters readjusted the handline and began to knock down the heavy fire condition in the garage. As firefighters were applying water to the right side of the garage, they discovered they had two propane tanks on the side of the garage and began to knock down the heavy fire around them. The two firefighters readjusted their hand line to the center of the garage, where they hit a unknown type of metal, most likely magnesium, sending a large bright flash into the night sky.

The two firefighters continued for over 8 minutes, knocking down a significant portion of the heavily involved garage fire before the next engine arrived on scene. Firefighters at the bottom of the hill hand laid a 5-inch supply line down to the engine at the front of the driveway to establish a water supply up to the scene. As additional apparatus began to arrive on scene firefighters established a full tanker relay with a water supply nearby. Firefighters made their way inside of the house and began to check the home for any type of extension inside of the structure. Firefighters continued to knock down the remainder of the fire inside of the garage and hit hot spots.

Firefighters ladder the side of the building and used thermal imaging cameras to make sure that there was no fire that made its way inside of the home. Firefighters continued to check inside of the home while firefighters overhaul the outside of the house that was damaged from the fire. Firefighters remained on scene for an extended period of time. Fire Investigator’s arrived on scene and began to conductor investigation into what caused the fire. All of the occupants and pets were safe. Due to the quick action of the firefighters on the first due engine from the West Sand Lake Fire Department they were able to save the home from going up in flames. The fire is under investigation at this time and no firefighters were injured on scene. Chief Ed Heffern stated “I credit the save of this property to coordination, cooperation and communication between our mutual aid partners and the training of the men and women who responded. There were no reported injuries and the homeowners, and their pets escaped unharmed. You should be proud of your volunteer firefighters, as they did an outstanding job today.”

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