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107th OCFVA Installation Dinner

By BOB MCCORMICK, Correspondent | November 05, 2021 | NEW YORK

Story No. 111121108

Good Will Fire Department hosted the 107th Orange County Vol. Firemens Association Dinner on November 5th at Colden Manor at Spruce Lodge.

Jeffry Holmes was Master of Ceremonies. Opening Prayer was given by Chaplain of the Association-Joseph Deccicio-Pledge of Alliance was then said-Jeffry welcomed everyone to the dinner and talked about November fifth was national Donuts Day-Jeffry gave a short story on how the donuts were introduced and made in the United States-Jeffry even came prepared had his own donut hat. The introductions of the former officers were then read.

Swearing in the new officers was Orange County Car One-Vini Tankasali the new officers are: Ray VanInwegen-President-Gordon Healy-First Vice President-Ryan Arciero-Fifth Vice President-Dorothy Brown-Secretary-Robin Reynolds-Treasurer-Scott Arciero-Financial Secretary-Deacon Peter Haight-Deacon Daniel Olympia-Sergeant at Arms. Robert Reynolds Past President recived his badge and plaque from Ray VanInwegen. After the former officers received their plaques,President Ray VanInwegen thanked the support of the Good Will Fire Department and the members-everyone that showed up and thanked his Dad and Mom-
for their support thru the years-I know there watching down tonight- After supper live DJ was playing music all night-the dance floor was crowded and everyone was having a great time. Benediction was given by Deacon Peter Haight- then desert was served.

This article is a direct street report from our correspondent and has not been edited by the 1st Responder newsroom.