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Fire Prevention

This article is a direct street report from our correspondent and has not been edited by the 1st Responder newsroom.

Cronomer Valley and Good Will FD visited Fostertown School on October 13th and held their annual
Fire Prevention Program. The students had a fire drill before the fire engines arrived. Due to the weather
everything was inside the gym area. There were four stations on each side of the gym-firefighters were
waiting for the students who sat and listened. Questions were asked during the program. Some of stations
were-Drop and Roll-Firefighters showed the students on a mat how to perform the drop and roll- then the
students performed it. Another station was tools that the firefighters use doing a fire-firefighter showed and explained
each tool and what its use for-also he showed the students a heat image machine-use to find heat. Another station was how
to dial 911 and what to say when you call the number-name-address and return telephone number. Firefighter had firefighter gear
on and the students touched him and felt the material and the helmet. One station had the different fire extinguisher's and their use and
how to use it. Students returned to their classes after the demostration.

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