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The Fifth Illegal Handgun Removed From The Streets of Troy

By JEFFREY BELSCHWINDER, Senior Correspondent | August 31, 2020 | NEW YORK

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Felony Traffic Stop On The Eastside Leads To The Fifth Illegal Handgun Removed From The Streets of Troy In Three Days.
Troy, New York
On August 31, 2020 at 4:48PM, The City of Troy’s zone one patrol units while on the Eastside of the city of Troy conducting routine patrols came across a stolen vehicle from Saratoga County. Patrol unit 101 radioed the dispatcher and requested additional patrol cars to the area.
As the vehicle was heading north bound on Pawling Avenue the patrol sergeant radioed the dispatcher and requested clarification from Saratoga County on where the vehicle was stolen from and if it was used in any crimes. The dispatcher notified the patrols that the vehicle was stolen out of Saratoga Springs and the vehicle was used in a crime committed in Saratoga County. As numerous patrol units quickly came In to the area, the zone one patrol unit conducted a felony traffic stop in the middle of Pawling Avenue with five subjects in the vehicle. The zone one patrol unit that was conducting the felony traffic stop requested priority air, all of the patrol cars stop traffic in both directions. Eight patrol units deployed their patrol rifles, ballistic shields, and pistols and requested the driver of the vehicle to shut the engine off and show their hands outside the windows.
As police had each individual stick their hand out the window, they ordered each individual in the car out of the vehicle one by one and had them walk backwards with their hands in the air to the officers. As soon as all of the individuals were placed in to custody, officers approached the vehicle with their ballistic shield and rifles drawn and made sure everyone was out of the vehicles. As officers looked into the vehicle they discovered a handgun under the backseat of the vehicle. Officers immediately requested an evidence technician to the scene and the patrol sergeant requested a phone call from the Saratoga Springs Police Department to call him. Please search the vehicle for any additional evidence in the vehicle. Police placed all five of the teenagers into custody and transported them to the station. Evidence technicians remained on scene for about 30 minutes before having the vehicle towed.
While other big cities in the capital region are currently dealing with a heavy rise in gun violence like the city of Albany. The city of Albany had it's one hundredth person shot over the weekend and it was a seven year old child. The mayor of the city if Albany is now putting together a community task force group to attempt to combat the gun violence. Police agencies like the city of Troy‘s Police Departments patrol units are actively and aggressively searching the streets and removing the illegal guns before they can be used in a crime. Since Saturday this makes the fifth illegal handgun that has been removed from the streets of Troy by the City of Troy’s patrol units. These firearms have now been removed from the street of the Eastside Neighborhoods to the far end of North Troy. The city of Troy only has eight patrol units on at a time and have been understaffed for a long time, but have made do. The aggressive efforts of these officers to remove the illegal firearms from the streets in the city of Troy that are shooting up neighborhoods over gang violence and drug territory is making a impact in the area. These patrol officers that are out on the streets every day in every neighborhood across the city of Troy will continue to make an aggressive push to make the quality of life better for the residence.

This article is a direct street report from our correspondent and has not been edited by the 1st Responder newsroom.