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Troy Firefighters Rescue Multiple Pets From Sixth Ave Fire

By JEFFREY BELSCHWINDER, Senior Correspondent | August 19, 2020 | NEW YORK

Story No. 092320114

Troy Firefighters Safely Remove One Dog, Multiple Cats, And Six Ducks From A Sixth Avenue House Fire
Troy, NY
On August 16, 2020 at 3:23 PM, the city of Troy’s Fire Department was dispatched to 167 6th Avenue for a reported structure fire. Engine Four, Engine One, Engine Six, Engine Two, Truck One, Truck Two, The Rescue Squad, and the Battalion chief was dispatched to the scene. The dispatcher notified all units responding they were taking multiple calls for heavy fire on the second floor of the building and with possible entrapment.
Engine four arrived on scene and immediately transmitted the signal thirty and stated they had heavy fire pushing from the second floor windows. Engine four requested the second alarm to be transmitted as they were taking multiple reports of individuals trapped on the second floor. On the second alarm the City of Watervliet and the Watervliet Arsenal was brought into the city of Troy to provide mutual aid to the Troy Fire Department.
Firefighters Immediately deployed a single hand line to the second floor where they were met at the top of the stairs with heavy fire pushing down the stairwells at them. Engine Fours pump operator charged the line and firefighters started to make an aggressive push into the apartment. Truck two’s crew immediately set up the ladder truck and went to the roof and begin cutting a vent hole. As engine one arrived on scene firefighters immediately began to conduct a primary search of the house and came up negative with anyone trapped in the building.
Engine fours crew was able to knock down all of the heavy fire within five minutes of arriving on scene. Firefighters continued knocking down all of the hotspots on the second floor. Firefighters while conducting their search discovered a dog and brought the dog outside to safety. Firefighters began to conduct their secondary search in the building and discovered they had cats on the third floor that were brought out safely and six ducks. Firefighters administered EMS care to one person on scene that was overwhelmed by the fire. Fire investigators were brought in to conduct an investigation into what caused the fire. No civilians had to be transported to the hospital and all of the animals survived and are in healthy condition. No firefighters sustain any injuries on scene.

This article is a direct street report from our correspondent and has not been edited by the 1st Responder newsroom.