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Multiple Agencies Work to Rescue Horse Stuck in the Mud in Hanson

By PAT TRAVERS, Senior Correspondent | September 01, 2020 | MASSACHUSETTS

Story No. 090620103

HANSON, MASSACHUSETTS (PLYMOUTH COUNTY) - Around 1400 hours on Tuesday, September 1, 2020 the Hanson Fire Department responded to Burrage Pond Wildlife Management Area, located in the area of 450 Elm Street, for a report of a horse stuck in the mud off of one of the trails. Car 6-0, Squad-4 and Engine-2 responded. With the assistance of the Regional Old Colony Communications Center, The R.O.C.C.C., companies were able to quickly locate the horse and uninjured rider within the maze of trails within Burrage Pond.

As soon as the animal was located, the Plymouth County Technical Rescue Team, PCTRT, was activated with their large animal rescue equipment and members. Highly trained firefighters from across the county responded to the scene to assist. Veterinarians with PCTRT also responded to the scene to assist with sedating the animal while crews worked to free the horse.

To hoist the horse out of the mud, the Hanson Water Department provided a backhoe and operator to be used as a crane, along with specialized equipment the PCTRT has in their cache to safely lift and move the animal. After the horse was sedated, the harness was put into place and the horse was hoisted out of the mud, and carried to a safe location for the animal to recover from the sedation.

"Libby", a 13-year old horse was able to be walked out of the woods with the help of its owner, the veterinarians, and firefighters. Libby is expected to make a full recovery. Crews mentioned were also assisted by the Hanson Police Department, Whitman-Hanson Animal Control, and the Massachusetts Environmental Police.

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