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Person Stabbed To Death On River Street In Troy, NY

This article is a direct street report from our correspondent and has not been edited by the 1st Responder newsroom.

Person Stabbed To Death On River Street In Troy, NY

On September 2nd 2023 around 12:53PM multiple calls came in for a stabbing near the intersection of River Street and Douw Street. Troy police only a few blocks away at an event at the Seventh Avenue park quickly arrived on scene. The victim was located in front of 769 River Street, the male stab wound victim was unconscious with numerous stab wounds and was bleeding out in the street. The city of Troy's Fire Department was dispatched to the scene. Engine four, medic four, the rescue squad, and the battalion chief arrived on scene within three minutes of the dispatch and began to administer advanced life support to the stab wound victim. Police quickly began to search the area for the suspect that is being described as a male suspect wearing all black. Troy police spoke with potential witnesses of the incident and police learned the victim & suspect were involved in a dispute which then escalated into the suspect stabbing the victim.  Firefighters from the Troy Fire Department quickly began to package the patient onto the stretcher and put the victim in the back of the medic rig. Additional members from engine four and the rescue squad climbed on board of the medic rig to assist with patient care as the victim was in trauma arrest.

A K-9 unit began to conduct a track for the suspect in the area of the stabbing and as they were doing so another disturbance came in and officers took off down the street running and numerous patrol cars quickly sped off scene to assist at another location. Due to the patient’s condition paramedics took the individual to Samaritan hospital instead of Albany Medical Center as it was deemed the closest hospital for the situation at hand in order to attempt to stabilize the patient. Troy police cordoned off the entire area and shut down a significant portion of River Street.  Two large pools of blood were located on the city sidewalks in-front of the main incident location and in front of the gate to the playground at one of the local schools. The suspect involved in the stabbing is still at large. The city of Troy's Police Department went to emergency calls only until further notice due to the lack of resources to handle regular calls. The on-call detectives were being brought in to conduct the investigation into the incident.
Traffic was shut down for a long period of time from Ingalls Avenue to Glen Avenue on River Street. Detectives arrived on scene on River Street and went to the hospital to begin their investigation into the stabbing . Police were notified that the victim that was stabbed multiple times had succumbed from his injuries. This is the second homicide in the City of Troy this year that police are investigating in the North Central Troy area. Medic four from the Troy Fire Department was taken out of service to have the back of the rig decontaminated. Engine four was brought back up to the scene about two hours later to wash down the sidewalks of the large amount of blood. At this time the Troy police have not captured the person responsible for the homicide. Police will be working to solve the case quickly to bring justice to the victims family.

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