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Departments Respond to Structure Fire on Main Ave.

By TODD SMITH, Correspondent | August 23, 2020 | CONNECTICUT

Story No. 082420104

While responding to incident call for service 32797 at the Even Hotel for an activated alarm. Car 2 was advised of a reported pull station alarm with car fire located at 289 Main Ave. The Command Car and the Rescue Company were at the intersection of Broad Street and Main Street with Engine 4 directly preceding and already having gone past the Structure. The Command Car and Rescue 2 stopped at the incident and ordered Engine 4 to divert from the prior response along with Truck company 1.

Immediately upon arrival the building had been noted to be evacuated with no fire visible. One of the occupants was asked where the car fire was and the individual respond with "there's no car fire and apartment is on fire"

The alarm assigned was filled out with Engine 3, Engine 2, and Truck 2. As Engine 4 had already gone past the structure before this notification they needed to turn around and head south on Main Ave. to take position at the front of the building and began stretching an inch and three-quarter attack line. Police Department was requested to shut down Main Ave. from Broad Street to Perry Ave. with cars trying to drive through the fire scene. Dispatch instructed to make notifications for structure fire.

Rescue Company 2 crew along with command car driver gained entry to the building and proceeded to the third floor primarily for search rescue and initial confinement of fire in apartment 28, where Initially reported and found. The fire was confined to the apartment and primarily extinguished with a water can while the attack line was being stretched. Engine 4 finished extinguishment with the attack line. Fire Damage was confined to the apartment of fire origin with smoke damage throughout the structure and some minor water damage from extinguishment in apartments below the fore unit.

Engine two arrived and established water supply, engine three arrived was assigned RIT duties both truck companies dealt with secondary searches and ventilation with positive pressure fans.

There were no reported injuries, with only one occupant being displaced and needing relocation. Fire Marshal division Deputy Fire Marshal Kirk McDonald on scene for investigation of cause and origin.

This article is a direct street report from our correspondent and has not been edited by the 1st Responder newsroom.