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Port Jervis FD Memorial Service and Graveside Prayers for Past Chiefs

This article is a direct street report from our correspondent and has not been edited by the 1st Responder newsroom.

PORT JERVIS, NY - Port Jervis FD gathered for its annual prayer service on Friday, July 7th. Firefighters who have served the Tri-States community, and elsewhere, were remembered with prayer at this service, as well as at visits to the graves of past PJFD chiefs this week. PJFD Chaplain Rev. Anthony Giacona, along with chiefs, officers, and firefighters of the department remembered with gratitude the service of firefighters before them, including several who died over the past year, and asked for God’s blessings and safety for those now serving.

The following is a list of PJFD Chiefs who have served Port Jervis Fire Department over the past 165-years as a department, from 1858 through 2023.  

Port Jervis Fire Department Chiefs and Past Chiefs

-First Chief Election – May 10, 1858

-Jacob Brandt: 1858

-Charles W. Douglass: 1859-1860

-Thomas Holt: 1861

-James Taynton: 1862

-Stephen Roberts: 1863

-Alex H. Simpson: 1864

-Luther Beckwith: 1865

-Thomas Holt: 1866-1867

-L.S. (Luke Staggers) Rosencrance: 1868-1869

-Leopold Fuerth: 1870-1873

-W.E. McCormick: 1875

-Thomas Holt: 1875

-Charles Terbell: 1876-1879

-James McDougall: 1878-1879

-H.G. (Horace Greeley) Lee: 1880-1883

-Thomas Edward Birmingham: 1883-1885

-Charles Terbell: 1886

-Between 1887-1899

-Harry Nichols: 1887

-C.I. Terwilliger: 1888

-P.J. Donahue: 1889-1890

-Jacob Hauber: 1891

-Claude Gaillard, Jr.: 1892

-John J. Carey: 1893

-C.C. Boyd: 1894

-A.D. Horn: 1895-1898

-Joseph Harding: 1899 (currently being researched to confirm)

-Anthony Lumpp: 1900-1902

-1903 ? (currently being researched to confirm)

-Peter C. Rutan: 1904-1907

-Joseph Harding: 1908-1911

-Howard Wheat: 1912-1937 (1910?)

-Fred C. Harding: 1938-1940

-Robert Miller: 1941

-J. Lester Buchanan: 1942-1953

-Franklyn J. Gordon: 1954-1957

-Roscoe B. Case: 1958-1959

-F. Raymond Harding: 1960-1965

-Douglas Moore: 1966-1967

-J. Richard Hosking: 1968-1971

-Donald DeVore: 1972-1975

-Charles Baumgardner: 1976-1979

-Robert Dunn: 1980-1983

-Michael Innella: 1984-1987

-James W. Rohner: 1988-1993

-Russell Potter: 1994-1997

-Joseph Kowal, Sr.: 1998-1999

-John Launt: 2000-2001

-Michael J. Cicalese: 2002-2004

-Donald E. DeVore, Jr.: 2004-2005

-Joseph Kowal, Sr.: 2006-2009

-James B. Fuller: 2010-2011

-Jeffrey S. Rhoades: 2011--2015

-Frank W. Fuller III: 2016-2017   

-Dominic Cicalese 2018-2021

-Keith M. Brown – 2022-Present

(Current Assistant Chiefs: 1st Asst. Chief Anthony Fuller, 2nd Asst. Chief Jeffrey Lewis)

Some photos are included here, with more to follow at a later time.  (A pictorial history, bios of each chief, and list of assistant chiefs is currently being compiled to be published soon.)

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